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Cumulus - Comforter XL700


How can two people sleep together comfortably in summer, when they camp one night in a warm valley, and then move to a high altitude cold bivouac the day after? Answer: they use an ultralight XL700 comforter!

The "Ultralight Modular Line" series have been created in partnership with the French journalist Antoine Sachs. The modular comforters he developed have been adopted by hundreds of enthusiast ultralight hikers.

Weighing only 1075 g, made of a 227 x 210 cm 27g/m² Pertex Quantum shell and including 700 g of our best 850 cuin goose down, the XL comforter is a radical way to save weight while sleeping with your beloved co-hiker ! The two persons warming each other, it is an incredibly efficient solution. It has a wide range of use, from 25°C to -0°C.

Integrated elastics allow to create a footbox on one side, and a neck collar on the other, some loops being used to create a tube. The result is a quilt for 2 people, a hoodless sleeping bag, not insulated in the back. Comfort use in quilt mode is around -5 ° C. Of course you can reach even lower temperatures, depending on the clothes you sleep with.

It is also possible to use it... as a comforter at home (expect very serious heating savings!)

  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum, 27 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: H chambers
  • Can be used as: 2-person comforter, 2-persons quilt, additional insulation inside a regular sleeping bag
  • Elastics can create a collar and a footbox
  • Loops allowing to close the comforter or to attach it to a mattress
  • Possibility of moving the filling to achieve the most wanted down distribution for a current use
  • Radically more efficient use of down, compared to a conventional sleeping bag
  • Additional, large mesh bag to store your comforter at home
  • Total weight: 1075 g
  • Down weight: 700 g
  • Weight of unfilled comforter: 375 g
  • Comfort temperature: 0 ˚C
  • Maximum user height: 195 cm
  • Dimensions: 227 cm x 210 cm
  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 29/19 cm
  • Stuffsack’s volume: 8,2 l
  • Number of down chambers: 13 

1075 g
700 g
Down quality 850 cuin
Warranty5 years
Comfort 0 ˚C
Ships Direct out of Poland.
Price reflects 1:1.18(US) conversion
Price includes shipping per comforter
Additional import tax and tariff may apply

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