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Xero Shoes DIY 4mm Huarache-Style Sandals


Huarache Sandals Custom-made for you… by you!

Enjoy the fun of being “Barefoot… PLUS!” with our Xero Shoes FeelTrue® DIY (do-it-yourself) sandal making kits.

You can make your own barefoot sandals in just minutes. See how easy it is in the video, below.

All of the soles are made with Xero's exclusive FeelTrue® rubber and are the only outsoles designed specifically for barefoot sandals. Co-developed with the former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, Xero's FeelTrue® soles give you great traction, a comfortable grip, wonderful barefoot feel, and the protection you want. They’re strong, yet flexible, and lightweight — a men’s US 9, Eur 42, 4mm Connect weighs about 3.7 ounces, or 110g. Plus, Xero's FeelTrue® shoes come with a 5,000 mile sole Warranty through Xero!

2 Foot Adventures selected the 4mm outsole for its weight with consideration of "Camp" shoes, giving your hiking feet a break from your trail runners/hiking shoes.  The 4mm Connect outsoles give you the closest-to-barefoot feeling and can be hiked in for shorter distances. 

Get the right fit: Xero Shoes are not sold by shoe size, since shoe size is notoriously inaccurate (you probably have shoes in your closet that are different sizes, but all fit you!). Instead we ask you to measure your foot to get the correct size.

Our FeelTrue® DIY Xero Shoes kits come with

  • 1 Pair of FeelTrue® rubber outsoles in 4mm thickness and selected size
  • 2 6′ polyester laces
  • NEW – 4mm hollow punch for the lacing holes — FREE!
  • Complete instructions for making your bare foot shoes


A " Special Instruction" window pops-up when ordering online. Let us know what your lace color preference is or isn't... be specific (Red, Hot LIme, Royal Blue, Silver) and we will DO OUR BEST to honor your request, based on current stock availablity... otherwise, lace color is what we have in stock at that time.

How to Make Your Own Xero Sandals

To make your own sandals, you’ll measure your foot to get the perfect size outsole, you’ll punch the toe hole with our included hollow punch. If you need to, you can trim the sole with a pair of good scissors. Then use one of Xero's simple lacing styles that we’ll show you. Or, if you like, you can order a custom-made pair of Xero Shoes. Send Xero (not 2 Foot Adventures) a tracing of your foot and they’ll do all the work.



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