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New Storefront in Julian

Posted on March 15 2021

In 2020 we were really excited to open a storefront (2116 Main St, Suite 2C, 92036) in the small town of Julian, California. It is a popular trail town visited by most PCT thru-hikers early in their trek from Mexico to Canada. But then COVID came and ruined the plan. After being open for only a couple of weeks we were forced to close up shop. Overnight there were virtually no more thru-hikers on trail as California announced a shelter in place mandate. 

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Now it's 2021 and thru-hikers are excited and eager to hit the trail, and we are equally as excited to see them and help them in any way we can to have a successful journey on the PCT. 

Julian is located approximately 12 miles from PCT Mile 77, also known as Scissors Crossings. It's a great time to take a break and recover from the first week on trail that can be particularly grueling. Often the 25 miles before Scissors Crossing can beat hikers up. This stretch of trail can be especially windy (40-90 mph wind gusts) and often cold with below freezing temperatures in the early season. It's not even uncommon to see freezing temperatures all the way into mid/late May like there was in 2019. 

Besides the weather, the actual descent from Mount Laguna (5200 ft) also can be tough on thru-hikers beginning their long journey's north. The trail is canted for long stretches and is filled with rocks until you get to the sandy desert floor. The scenery helps to make up for both the weather and the terrain with big views and mostly clear skies as far as the eye can see. 

Julian might sound far off the trail, but it's really easy to get to. There are oodles of locals who pick up hikers and bring them up the mountain and take them back down. And why would a hiker take time to come to Julian: free apple pie for PCT permit holders, 2 breweries, excellent Italian food, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, big pancake breakfasts, several motels, and of course an awesome outfitter with everything a hiker needs/wants. What other reasons does a hiker need? 

Julian is a perfect little town to rest and rejuvenate for the next 100-mile stretch to Idyllwild. Since Julian is only a few blocks long it takes just a few minutes to walk anywhere in town - to the market, us (the outfitter), the brewery, post office. You name it, it's close by! 
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We look forward to seeing all you thru-hikers, section hikers, local hikers, and aspiring hikers/backpackers. We are here to help you get the most out of your time in the backcountry. We specialize in ultralight backpacking gear because we've found that when the pack weight goes down the fun goes up. 

During the PCT 2021 Season, March - late May, we will be open 7-days a week. We will expand our hours as the season ramps up. For now we will be open 10:30-4 daily but are usually here later. If you desperately need gear outside of these hours, send us a text message 678-WHITNEY/678-944-8639. You can also send us an email: We are on Instagram: @2footadventures and Facebook: 2 Foot Adventures. 

2 Foot Adventures PCT Outfitter Ultralight Backpacking Gear Julian California


We hope to see you soon!



  • REV: May 09, 2021

    I was just doing a section hike from Scissors to Barrel Springs and stopped by in Julian yesterday. I met Mary (for the second time. Met her the first time in Warner Springs in 2019). Such a great individual! Very knowledgeable and helpful. I just stopped by to hang out and talk to the “aspiring” NOBO hikers but wound up buying a new pair of Altras. NOBO hikers owe it themselves to stop by the Julian store to get great intel about the upcoming desert section, meet up with other hikers and meet and spend time with Mary.

  • Steven: May 09, 2021

    Hey Pillsbury,

    It is great to see that you are still in business!!!! Best of Luck!!

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