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About Us

Have you ever wished that your favorite gear shop would just appear at a trailhead so you could get new shoes? Maybe you have been dreaming of lightening up your backpack? Or maybe you lost your favorite spoon somewhere along the way and need to pick up a new one? You're in luck!

2 Foot Adventures is Mobile! You heard that right! We have two swanky little gear shops that can move. We have a fully restored 1968 Vintage Airstream that's like nothing you've ever seen before, a super rare and super beautiful 1951 Vagabond, and we are coming to a trail near you. 

Fall 2022 Schedule:

  • Open weekends in Julian

The Airstream shop is currently in transition awaiting deployment. 


We started our journey in Fall 2016 and traveled over 25,000 miles looking at Airstreams, meeting with designers, and getting permits. We've worked really really hard to bring the best and most affordable ultralight backpacking gear to you. As avid outdoor adventurers ourselves, we know how important having the right gear is which is why we partnered with so many companies that are passionate about helping hikers like you stay outdoors longer.


Mary was part of the PCT Class of 2014. She has cycled across the US via the Southern Tier, completed a 100-mile ultra-marathon, and Ironman triathlons. She's also spent a summer off-trail in the Sierra traversing more than 50 passes and bagging peaks. She's vibrant and passionate about helping people get outdoors, stay outdoors longer, and over all living simply. She believes that the more time people spend outdoors, the more transformative the experience becomes, and the more likely we are to discover who we are meant to be. If there's an outdoor adventure in the mountains, on the water, or in the desert, she's up for it!

Charlie has been passionate about the outdoors his whole life. As teenagers with over 100 lbs on their backs, he and his best friend set out to hike along the Pacific Crest Trail from Lake Isabella to Lake Tahoe. They quickly realized they had no idea what they were doing and soon turned their backpacking adventure into a hitch-hiking adventure across the country. Since then he's lightened up his gear and enjoys spending time exploring his front yard, the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, rockhounding, and digging for fossils.

Together, Mary and Charlie, founded 2 Foot Adventures. They are super excited to be helping hikers along the Pacific Crest Trail, John Muir Trail, and at the base of Mt. Whitney during the Spring and Summer. Stop by and experience what everyone is talking about!      


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