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LiteAF 46L Curve Full Suspension ECOPAK EPLX, Special Limited Edition 2 Foot Adventure Backpack (2024)



The LiteAF 46L Curve Full Suspension "EPLX200", Special Limited Edition 2 Foot Adventure Backpack, and its availability at the Julian store outlet for the 2024 PCT Season. That's great news for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers planning to tackle the Pacific Crest Trail!

If there's anything specific you'd like assistance with or if you have any questions about the backpack or the store outlet, feel free to let me know. Whether it's about the features of the backpack, tips for preparing for the PCT, or anything else related, I'm here to help!

Detailed information about the LiteAF 46L Curve Full Suspension backpack. A well-designed and feature-packed backpack, especially tailored for outdoor adventures. Here's a summary of the key features:

ECOPAK EPLX200 46L Curve Full Suspension

This award-winning backpack has everything you need plus an additional 4″ of roll top and load lifters when compared to our 40L Curve.


  1. 100% recycled polyester material
  2. Waterproof  RUV™ matte film backing (seam taped)
  3. Recyclable after use
  4. Thru-hike tested and approved!


  • 46L body plus an additional 15+ liters of external pockets totaling 61L of pack space
  • Designed to comfortably carry around 35 LBS
  • Two removable curved aluminum support stays (5+ Oz.)
  • Fully padded non-removable back panel constructed of close cell foam
  • Fully padded 4″ wide hip belt constructed of spacer mesh and close cell foam
  • 3″ wide S-shaped shoulder straps constructed of spacer mesh and close cell foam
  • Standard shoulder straps are designed for a chest size less than 44″
  • Fits a bear canister inside
  • Load Lifters
  • Top Y Strap 3/4″ webbing
  • Lower V Loop
  • 5 point side compression
  • Top buckle roll top closure with 2 KAMsnaps
  • Adjustable flat bottom side pockets with drain hole. Each pocket fits 2 1L smartwater bottles securely. Pockets adjust with shock cord and mini cord locks.
  • Dual adjust sternum strap
  • Seam taped

Optional Add-ons


  • 34.2 Oz. | 969 Grams
  • Bottom circumference: 34″
  • Top circumference: 38″
  • Pack height: 38″
  • Back of pack: 11″


  • Side Pockets – ECOPAK™ EPLX200
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt 210D ROBIC® black
  • Front pocket: UltraStretch™ Mesh
  • Bottom Pocket: Spandex/Nylon
  • TNT Seam Tape
  • 3D Spacer mesh
  • Close cell foam

Available Sizes:

  • Small Belt, Small Torso
  • Medium Belt, Medium Torso
  • medium Belt, Large Torso
  • Large Belt, Large Torso

A comprehensive and versatile backpack, catering to different sizes and preferences. If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know about the backpack, feel free to ask!

All 2 Foot Adventure Editions shall include:

Side pull down top closure
V strap on top
Pockets and bottom always black
Standard Shoulder straps
Shoulder strap pocket right side
Ice Axe Loop
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