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Leukotape P


Leukotape is a must have if you're heading into the backcountry for backpackng, running, or climbing. It's the ultimate solution to blister prevention. If you start to feel a hot spot, stop immediately and cut a piece of Leukotape to cover the area where you feel the hot spot. Leukotape can last for a week or more in some spots. For example, when I was hiking the Pacifc Crest Trail, I had a blister develop on my little toe. I wrapped Leukotape around it and continued hiking. After a week I finally cut the tape off just to see how everything was looking. My blister was gone! I was happy! And now I'm a Leukotape believer. I've also used it to splint a broken trekking pole for a week while deep in the backcountry. Leukotape is a must have! Don't leave without it!

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