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2 Foot Adventures 28mm Gravity Feed Adapter


Are you tired of the hassle and effort required to squeeze your SmartWater bottle and CNOC bag to push water through your Sawyer Squeeze Filter? Look no further! The 2 Foot Adventures 28mm Gravity Feed Adapter is the solution you’ve been searching for.

This innovative adapter screws onto your SmartWater bottle and allows the water to flow quickly and easily from your dirty water container through your Sawyer filter and into your clean water container. No more squeezing, no more hassle - just pure, clean water in seconds.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies the water filtration process
  • Reduces effort and strain on your hands
  • Allows for quick and easy water filtration
  • Compatible with SmartWater bottles and Sawyer Squeeze Filters

Say goodbye to the frustration of squeezing your water bottle and hello to a more efficient and convenient water filtration experience with the 2 Foot Adventures 28mm Gravity Feed Adapter.

The 2 Foot Adventures 28mm Gravity Feed Adapter Kit comes with the tubing and screw on adaptor for the SmartWater bottle. CNOC, Sawyer Filter with inline adaptor, and SmartWater bottle are not included with this kit.


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