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Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork 2.0 Trekking Pole


Black Diamond's 100% carbon fiber trekking pole for four-season alpine terrain, with a premium cork grip.

Introducing the Black Diamond Trail Cork Trekking Poles, a premium choice available at 2 Foot Adventures and renowned for its popularity among Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) enthusiasts. Designed for 4-season versatility, these trekking poles from the trusted Black Diamond brand expertly balance comfort, features, and durability, making them an essential companion for hikers tackling diverse terrains.

Key Features:

  1. Premium 100% Natural Cork Grip: The Black Diamond Trail Cork trekking poles feature a luxurious 100% natural cork grip. This premium material is designed for ultimate comfort, providing a tactile and ergonomic feel that minimizes hand fatigue during extended hikes.

  2. Dual FlickLocks™ Adjustability: Tailor your trekking experience with the dual FlickLocks™, offering complete adjustability to suit the ever-changing terrain. Quickly and securely adjust the length of the poles to match your preferred height and the specific demands of the trail.

  3. Interchangeable Carbide Tech Tips: Ready for any surface, the poles come equipped with interchangeable carbide Tech Tips. Easily swap them out for Rubber Tech Tips (sold separately) to adapt to different trail surfaces, ensuring optimal grip and stability.

  4. Trekking and Snow Baskets: Designed for year-round versatility, these trekking poles come with both trekking and snow baskets. The trekking baskets provide support on regular trails, while the snow baskets enhance stability and flotation in snowy conditions, making these poles suitable for all four seasons.

  5. Expertly Balanced Design: The Black Diamond Trail Cork trekking poles are meticulously crafted to deliver an expertly balanced combination of comfort, features, and durability. This makes them a top choice for hikers seeking reliable equipment on the demanding terrains of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Versatility for All Seasons:

  • Spring and Summer: Navigate challenging trails with the standard trekking baskets.
  • Fall: Adapt to changing trail conditions with the carbide Tech Tips for enhanced grip.
  • Winter: Transition to snow baskets for added stability on snowy surfaces.

Elevate your trekking experience with the Black Diamond Trail Cork Trekking Poles, a preferred choice for PCT enthusiasts. Trust in the reliability, comfort, and versatility that Black Diamond is known for, and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence. Available now at 2 Foot Adventures.

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