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Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro

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XLg M's12 - M's15

The Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro combines some of the benefits of a traditional crampon with the comfort and ease of use of a non-technical crampon. Designed for those seeking aggressive traction in backcountry winter pursuits, the Pros provide unparalleled grip on low to medium grade ascents and a range of terrain, including packed snow and ice. Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened effortlessly to most hiking footwear. While these crampons share some features of climbing or mountaineering crampons, they are not designed for technical ascents or ice climbing.
  • X-shaped polycarbonate harness reduces pressure points found in many conventional crampons.
  • 10 spikes of 2- 2.6 cm length give superb traction in deep snow and on all types of ice.
  • Anti-balling plates stop snow from balling under the device and affecting traction.
  • Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened to most footwear effortlessly.
  • Alpine stoppers (included with product) prevent buckles from loosening in deep snow.
  • Device length is adjustable with an Allen key (included with product) to suit all footwear types.
  • Light and compact to fit in your pack.
  • 4 heel spikes give excellent traction on descents.
  • The 10-point Trail Crampon PRO weighs only 680g per pair, making it ideal for glacier travel and icy or snowy approaches


Hillsound Equipment Inc's products do not eliminate the risk associated with snowy and icey conditions. When wearing Hillsound products, always use caution, extreme care, and common sense. Failure to do so could result in injury or death. The user alone is responsible for determining whether his/her experience combined with the equipment, terrain and weather present a risk. Hillsound Equipment crampons are not recommended for use on any type of indoor flooring. Use only in outdoor snowy and/or icey conditions. The user alone assumes responsibility for the safe and proper use of this product and any risk associated with its use. Activities involving the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous.

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