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Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra


Made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and weight reduction, the new Trail Crampon Ultra brings the Trail Crampon's legacy of superb traction performance to those needing to travel faster and lighter. 18 spikes offer aggressive traction on any icy surface and distribute pressure to withstand wear. The Trail Crampon Ultra will help keep your running program on track through the colder months when conditions become slippery.
  • 1.2 cm (1/2") spikes provide excellent traction on packed snow, black ice and partially covered trails.
  • Rip and stick strap across the top of the harness holds the device secure and prevents movement in deeper snow.
  • Welded chains withstand repeated torque, foot strikes and abuse on any ice and snow.
  • Larger heel plate gives secure traction and ultra stability for descents and trail-running.
  • Elastomer harness adapts to all types of footwear, fits securely and is easy to slip on and off quickly.
  • Ultra-light traction for trail runners conscious of carrying extra ounces.
  • Reinforced elastomer harness provides tear resistance and maintains pliability to sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Carry case included.





from Lions Bay
I truly appreciate my Hillsound crampons. I mostly run on technical mountain-side trails and the crampons have worked superbly. They grip well and give me confidence on steep descents as they don't twist under my feet. I had another brand's "microspikes" that totally ripped out on one trail run in addition to twisting out from beneath my shoes. The Hillsounds have stood up to transitions from pavement to ice to rock to snow. I let 3 friends try mine and they now have their own pairs.
from Edmonds
The Trail Crampon Ultra works with everything from a running shoe to a mountaineering boot. These are in my pack most of the season since they are a lightweight insurance policy against unexpected lingering snow patches that would otherwise keep me from bagging an off-trail summit. 
Karen J
from Anchorage
As a wilderness backpacking guide who strives for gear of minimal weight and maximum utility, I was happy to find the HillSound Trail Crampon Ultra. In Alaska and Canada, there are times when nontechnical glacier travel need not be a full-on roped up affair, especially when doing summer traverses of thinning glaciers. At the same time, going without some sort of grip is inviting trouble. Right out of the bag, I love my trail crampons. They are compact, lightweight and easy to put over my hiking boots. They’re perfect for summer walking on snow-free low-angle glaciers, as well as my go-to safety crampons for walking around the city of Anchorage when a Chinook turns a snowfall into an ice skating rink on the sidewalk, trails and roads. Happy with my purchase! Karen J. Anchorage, Alaska
Jon Wescott
from Lions Bay
The Trail Crampon Ultras have been excellent while ascending and, more importantly, descending the steep mountain trails where I live. I blew apart a different company's "microspikes" in just one outing - literally spikes that weren't torn from the plates were bent over. The Ultras, though, show little wear even though I've gone up the same trail (Unnecessary Mountain). They go on easily and have stayed secure without sliding around on my trail running shoes. I'm online now to see if they have them in small sizes for my 10 year-old who sometimes accompanies me. Obviously, I highly recommend these.
Rejean P.
from new richmond
Last week end I went walking with a friend on a icy road , I wear my super crampons ultra, never slid! My friends ask where to get them! So I sent them to your site to get some like mine! Thanks for your product, so perfect.
Cecile L.
from New Richmond
I enjoy very much my crampons, so I can clean my yard blowing the snow in safety! Never worry to fall! I'm satisfied.
Louis S.
from Maria
I'm so happy to get my driveway looks like a hockey rink!!! go habs go!!! oops ...sorry go canucks go !!! Now i go outside and feel secure, thanks to you.
Richard C
from Maria
Excalade sur le hoog back dans le parc de la gaspesie. Bon produit a essayer.

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