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Insulated Cold Soaking or Cooking Container by 2 Foot Adventures

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The 2 Foot Adventures's Insulated Cold Soaking/Cooking Container is hands down the best way to enjoy a cold soaked or cooked meal in the backcountry. Mary has been searching for years for the best way to cold soak meals and to enjoy her cooked meals while backpacking. The search is now over!

The core of the cooking set-up is a 26 oz straight sided jar with a lined top that screws on for a leak-free fit. The cozy snuggly covers the cooking jar. It insulates the food and keeps it hot while it rehydrates. Often times Mary sets up camp and sits down to dinner 30 minutes after she put her meal on to cook; dinner is still steaming when she removes the top to eat. 

This container is a game changer for your backcountry eating. No more getting your fingers dirty while scraping the final bit of food from the bottom of a bag. No more trying to figure out how to get all the food from under the lip of the jar. No more hassles when it comes to food. 

Mary likes these so much she uses hers in the front country almost as much as the backcountry. Anytime she's leaving the house for the day she packs a hot meal and enjoys it while on the road. 


Material: Natural Polypropylene

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