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Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Mid Sock


Sealskinz   Waterproof All Weather Mid Length Sock

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof Design: The sock is specifically designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions, providing protection against rain, snow, mud, and more.

  2. Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including standing in leaky waders, stream crossings, and dealing with different weather conditions.

  3. Temperature Range: Designed for a range of temperatures, implying that it offers comfort and warmth in various weather conditions.

  4. Prevention of Issues: Emphasizes the importance of keeping feet dry to avoid potential problems such as cold and numb feet, blisters, frostbite, and other discomforts associated with wet conditions.

  5. Mid Length: The sock is designed to be mid-length, providing coverage and protection for the lower part of the leg.

  6. Our 100% waterproof socks are constructed by bonding three layers together to make one highly waterproof and breathable sock: • Outer Layer - 62% Polycolon, 29% Nylon, 9% Elastane • Middle Layer - Aquasealz® membrane • Inner Layer - 36% Merino Wool, 36% Acrylic, 18% Polyester, 5% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Extreme Breathability:

  1. Hydrophilic Waterproof Membrane: The sock features a hydrophilic waterproof membrane, and it is particularly emphasized that this membrane offers unmatched breathability. Hydrophilic materials have an affinity for water and are designed to release perspiration steam and warm air from inside the sock.

  2. Comfort during Strenuous Activities: The high level of breathability is mentioned to contribute to comfort, even during strenuous and aerobic activities. This implies that the sock is designed to keep your feet comfortable and well-ventilated, reducing the risk of overheating.

  3. Preventing External Elements: While allowing moisture and warm air to escape, the sock is also designed to prevent external elements like rain, mud, and sand from getting inside. This dual functionality ensures that the sock keeps your feet dry and comfortable in various conditions.

The emphasis on breathability is particularly beneficial for those engaged in active outdoor pursuits, ensuring that the sock remains comfortable even during activities that may induce sweating.

The Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Ankle Length Sock is explicitly built for comfort and blister prevention, incorporating several design features for an enhanced wearing experience. Here's a breakdown of the comfort-focused design elements:

Comfort and Blister Prevention:

  1. Seamless Construction: The sock is designed with a seamless construction, including hand-linked flat toe seams. This seamless design aims to eliminate traditional seams that can cause discomfort or irritation, especially in areas like the toe.

  2. Elastic Support: The addition of elastic support is incorporated into key areas such as the ankle, heel, and instep. This elastic support is intended to provide a secure and comfortable fit, offering extra support in areas that may experience pressure or movement during various activities.

  3. Unnoticeable Seams: Despite the presence of seams, the design is crafted to make them virtually unnoticeable. The emphasis is on providing the benefits of seams (structural integrity) without causing discomfort to the wearer.

  4. Extra Comfort and Fit: The seamless construction and elastic support contribute to extra comfort and an improved fit. This is aimed at enhancing the overall wearing experience, ensuring that the sock remains comfortable even during extended use.

  5. Blister Prevention: The combination of seamless construction and elastic support is mentioned in the context of blister prevention. By minimizing friction and pressure points, the design aims to reduce the likelihood of blisters forming during activities.

Overall, the design elements highlighted suggest that the Sealskinz sock is crafted not only for waterproof performance but also with a strong emphasis on providing a comfortable and blister-resistant wearing experience.



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