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Superior Wilderness Designs Water Bottle Holder


Water Bottle Shoulder Pouch

There are now two bands of elastic on the back of the shoulder pouch, which securely hold the shoudler pouch in place and keep it from moving around. The new system also makes use of two 5/8" clips that clip on to the webbing daisy chain on the top and bottom of the shoulder strap. This makes for a very secure attachment to the shoulder strap and keeps the shoulder pouch from moving around at all. 

 This removable cinch top shoulder pouch is sized for a slim water bottle. Shown pictured with a 750ml bottle, but a 1L will work as well.  Made out of VX21 x-pac with a drain hole in the bottom. We also have a 2.9oz DCF option that comes in a bit lighter than the X-pac version. This pocket is also great for carrying miscellaneous items such as a phone or snacks as welll.  Average weight is about 1.2oz

 *Note that the new 5/8" clips will fit on webbing sizes 1/2"-3/4". If you need larger hardware, shoot us an email and we can use 1" slik clips on the shoudler pouch.

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