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Superior Wilderness Movement Internal Frame

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 Superior Wilderness Designs "Movement" Internal Frame backpacks

Light, minimal and modular without forgoing a solid feature set and unbeatable load carrying ability for its weight. The Movement is a monster of a pack in an ultralight package. 

This pack is an awesome option for modern day ultralight trips as it is very light for a fully framed pack, but can easily be pushed up to the 35-40lb load range and still be comfortable. This is due to the single aluminum stay and the floating hip belt which is connected directly to the bottom of the stay and to the sides of the backpack. This provides excellent load transfer to your hips. 

This pack would be a great option for an ultralight thru-hike where your pack will often be around 20-30lbs or less, but will sometimes need to carry a lot of water weight or extra gear for colder temps and snowy mountains. You will also appreciate the hip belt and the frame when heading out of town with a backpack full of food from your last resupply.  If you're sick of sore shoulders, give this thing a try.

When your pack is light, you can remove the hip belt and the frame and go totally frameless without any leftover hardware or weight added onto the pack. 

In addition to modularity built into the suspension and frame setup, the other features built into the pack are very modular as well. The pack comes with three attachment points on the top of the pack so that you can use either a single top strap, a Y strap, or two single top straps which is great for carrying a bear canister. You can swap out the top strap of your choice depending on the trip you are going on, or just insert the .4oz roll top stiffeners and forgo the top strap all together for the ultimate simplistic UL top closure. 

The side compression on this pack is also extremely modular. There are 4 attachment points on each side of the pack as well as two on the bottom of the pack. You can attach the side compression straps to any of these points on the pack or remove them altogether. Cord can also be ran through these attachment points if you prefer to have static or  stretchy shock cord for your side compression.

The side compression straps can also be used as bottom straps, top straps, or even load lifters on the shoulder straps. The modularity of this setup is excellent for dialing in your perfect setup even while you are out on the trail. These attachment points on the top, bottom and sides of the pack are great for lashing things to the pack. You can lash anything from a sleeping pad or bear canister, to snowshoes or skis, and adjust exactly where you want the straps by using the various attachment points. 

This pack is also a great option if you are curious about trying to go frameless or without hip belt as the frame and hip belt are both completely removable on this pack.  


50L specs


  • Pack body 16oz for ultra100. 16.5oz for ultra200.
  • Hip belt 4.5oz
  • Frame 2oz for size large
  • Foam back pad .8oz
  • Top strap .8oz
  • Compression straps .8oz per pair
  • Roll top stiffeners .4oz
  • Sternum strap .5oz 
  • Weight including all removable items: 26.3oz for a size large
  • Minimum usable weight with the frame is about 23.8oz for the ultra200 version. This includes the hip belt, aluminum stay and foam back pad. 

Storage capacity:

Dimensions when empty:

  • 50L internal/60L when utilizing outer storage pockets
  • Minimum Capcity: 35L internal/45L when utilizing outer storage
  • Bottom Circumference: 34.5"
  • Top Circumference: 39"
  • Unrolled Height: 36"
  • The 50L pack comes with larger side pockets than the 40L and 35L. 

Packed/Rolled Dimensions: (Used to calculate internal volume)

  • 34.5" lower circ
  • 38.5" upper circ
  • 29" height

Available in 35L & 40L

Included features:

  • Contoured pack body makes for a glove-like fit. This also makes the pack easier to pack and prevents barreling. 
  • Single aluminum stay which is removable. 1.9oz size medium
  • Floating hip belt which is fully removable. V style webbing with forward pull tensioners.
  • Optional load lifters. The included side compression straps can be used as load lifters when you feel you need them. 
  • Pad sleeve for easy sit pad access. The lycra sleeve is made out of very durable Venom Mesh. Foam pad included. 
  • Roll top stiffener makes rolling the pack super easy. This also holds the pack open nicely when packing the pack with gear. The roll top stiffener is removable so that you can replace it if it ever wears out, or if you just want to shave .4oz off the pack weight. 
  • 1/2" Dual adjust sternum strap - Fully removable
  • Side pockets. Big enough for a full day of food, water and extra gear, or two 1L smartwater bottles in each pocket. The 35 and 40L packs come with our small side pockets as seen on the Superior Packs. The 50L pack comes with the bigger side pockets as seen on the Long Haul 50. 
  • Lycra mesh front pocket, made out of very durable Venom Mesh.
  • Modular side compression attachments. Pick how many side compression straps you want and where you want them. Or you can leave them off and skip them altogether. The pack comes with one pair of side compression straps.
  • Modular top strap attachments. The top strap can be configured as a single top strap, a V strap, a double top strap or you can leave it off altogether. Single top strap included with the pack. 
  • Bottom pad straps/compression attachments. 
  • Roll top side compression attachments. Add or remove these straps as needed. Straps are sold separately
  • Materials and Fabrics

    • Ultra100 or 200 for main body fabric. (front and side panels)
    • Back panel is Ultra200
    • Ultra200 for side pockets on the 35L, Ultra400 for 40 and 50L packs. 
    • Bottom panels are Ultra400
    • Lycra mesh front pocket made out of very durable Venom Mesh
    • 420D robic for shoulder straps and belt
    • Smooth spacer mesh for shoulder straps and belt. This fabric does not collect debris like other spacer mesh does. 
    • Lycra pad sleeve made out of very durable Venom Mesh
    • 1/2" evazote foam used throughout. 
    • Duraflex hardware. 
    • Our new packs are made using a more environmentally friendly line of laminated fabrics. 
    • Single 7075 aluminum stay provides excellent load transfer up about 40lbs. 
    • Aluminum hardware for attaching the belt to the frame and pack body.

    The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant. Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric. ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings. CO2 emissions from manufacturing our recycled polyester are: 50% lower than Nylon 38% lower than virgin filmcomparable to organic cotton

    These packs are made out of Ultra100 and Ultra 200d Ultra PE. Ultra PE is woven and laminated to recycled, waterproof RUV film. Ultra100 weighs in at 2.92oz per sq yd and Ultra 200 is just 3.5oz/sqyd, it far exceeds the technical properties of any similar weight fabric available on Planet Earth!

    Tech specs for Ultra200

    • Weight: 3.5 oz/yd2 119 gsm
    • Tear strength: Warp: 103.1 lb Fill: 133.2 lb
    • Waterproof to 200+ psi
    • Taber Test: 3800 cycles


    Tech specs for Ultra100

    • Weight: 2.92oz per sq yd(about 1/3 the weight of 500d Cordura)
    • Tear Strength:  Warp: 69.4 lbs. and  Fill: 89.6 lbs. (about double 500d Cordura)
    • Taber abrasion: 3600 cycles (almost double 500d Cordura)
    • Waterproof: yes; laminated to .5mil Challenge RUV recycled matte film. 200+ psi


    Our shoulder straps and hip belt wings are made out of 1/2" thick evazote foams. These are the most resilient and longest lasting foams that we can find. They will give you many years of use without flattening out. 

    Shoulder straps and hip belt wings are made out of a 420D Robic nylon for maximum tear resistance. 

    • The woven fabric is 67% UHMWPE and 33% Repreve recycled polyester.
    • The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant.
    • Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.
    • ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings.
    • CO2 emissions from manufacturing this recycled polyester are 50% lower than Nylon, 38% lower than virgin film, comparable to organic cotton

    Pack Construction

    • These packs are hand-made by us right here in Michigan and are constructed using the finest materials and the best construction methods. These packs are ready to handle anything you can throw at them, and will give you thousands of miles of use.

      All stress points are reinforced and bar tacked. 

      The packs are very water resistant and are made out of completely waterproof fabric. The optional seam sealing will make the packs very water resistant, but a pack liner is still recommended especially for important items.  

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