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About Cumulus Polish Down:

In our products we exclusively use down from the highly-regarded Polish goose, which is considered the best in the world in terms of the fill power. We think of these down feathers as of the most important component of our products, because it determines the efficiency of the insulation and provides reliable comfort even in the most hostile conditions. It is this down which affects the quality of our products to the greatest extent.

Is it not surprising that one gram of down is comprised of 500-1000 down feathers, depending on whether we count the smallest ones or not. Down is twice as efficient insulator than even the best synthetic insulation. In short, at the same time, it is the warmest and lightest. It loses its loft extremely slowly: with average intensive usage and proper maintenance our down sleeping bags can reliably serve their users for 20-30 years.

The fill power of down, which is its primary parameter, is measured in cuin units, short for cubic inches. There are two basic standards for the determination of fill power: American and European. The following is worth paying attention to when comparing available products, because it often causes some confusion. American 850 cuin corresponds to European 800 cuin. At Cumulus we use European standards.

In addition, it is well to know that the issue of determining the loft of down by its manufacturers and producers of clothing and sleeping bags quite often leaves much room for manipulation. Hence, in our company we frequently examine the quality of the down. You should not blindly trust any statement by the equipment manufacturer with regards to the fill power of the material.

We use two types of down that have fill power of 700 and 850 cuin. We regularly check to ensure that the quality remains constant. Down of 850 cuin quality is not the best available, because it is possible to obtain a larger minimum loft. However, this causes an increase in the price of raw material by more than 50%, which, in our opinion makes this treatment impractical.

Each batch of down has its certificate of fill power. Despite the full confidence we have in our suppliers, we regularly examine the quality of down that we receive. We use our own equipment, which gives us the independence and confidence that the raw material is also consistent with our internal standards to which we always adhere. If the test results do not meet our expectations, we return the raw material to its supplier.


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