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Superior Wilderness 50L Rugged Long Haul - Internal Frame



The Rugged Long Haul has all of the same features as our classic Long Haul model, but it is made out of bombproof Ultra400 Ecopak. Ultra400 has a UHMWPE face fabric which is much more durable than pretty much any other fabric out there right now, especially at it's very low weight of 4.65oz per sq yd. This fabric is laminated which makes the fabric fully waterproof. This makes for a very durable, light and water resistant pack. 

The Long Haul is a medium to large capacity ultralight internal frame backpack that is a great do-all pack. If you have to pick one backpack to handle all of your backpacking needs this pack will get the job done no matter what the adventure calls for. It is a great choice for any thru-hike! 

This pack is very intuitive and easy to use. We've left off any unnecessary features so that you can spend less time fussing with your pack and more time on trail. It can be ran with as little as two buckles, one on the roll top and one on the hip belt which means there is little hardware to break. Or you can load it up with compression straps and external strapping if you need the extra storage space.

The 50L pack has a max capacity of 50L of internal storage, but compresses down to a very comfortable 35L when the roll top is rolled down to the load lifters. The 40L pack has a max internal capacity of 40L and compresses down to a compact 25L when rolled all the way down. 

The Long Haul is a very comfortable and easy to use pack with a very capable frame and suspension system that can handle up to 50lbs if you need it to. Loads of 30lbs or less  are optimal and will feel like you are floating down the trail.

50L specs:

Dimensions when empty:

  • 50L internal/60L when utilizing outer storage pockets
  • Minimum Capacity: 35L internal/45L when utilizing outer storage
  • Bottom Circumference: 34.5"
  • Top Circumference: 39"
  • Unrolled Height: 36"

Packed/Rolled Dimensions: (Used to calculate internal volume)

  • 34.5" lower circ
  • 38.5" upper circ
  • 29" height

50L Weight breakdown:

  • Base weight of the pack : 30.65oz
  • Pack body - 25oz
  • One pair of side compression straps - .75oz per pair
  • Top strap - .85oz
  • Aluminum stays - 4oz (med short)
  • Foam back pad - .8oz
  • Sternum strap - .5oz
  • Roll top Stiffener - .4oz
  • Total weight of all removable items - 7.2oz
  • Average weight including all optional items: 32.2oz

Endless attachment points make it easy to customize the pack to your own needs even from trip to trip. Modular compression, bottom straps and various top strap styles make it easy to add external gear storage if you find yourself needing extra storage space on any given trip. When the compression straps are removed there is no hardware leftover which makes for a very clean aesthetic and minimal weight. 

The pack comes stock with a lycra pad sleeve on the back panel and a foam sit pad which can be used as a seat while taking breaks. Optionally you can also use a folded 1/8" foam sleeping pad in the back panel to replace the sit pad. The lycra mesh used for the back panel is an antimicrobial mesh which is anti-odor and also wicks sweat away from your back.

  • Materials and Fabrics

    Our new packs are made using a more environmentally friendly line of laminated fabrics. 

    The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant. Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric. ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings. CO2 emissions from manufacturing our recycled polyester are: 50% lower than Nylon 38% lower than virgin film comparable to organic cotton

    The main body of these packs is made out of 400d Ultra PE (similar to Dyneema) is about 20% lighter, with twice the abrasion resistance of other 400d UPE fabrics. With or without a liner, it is the ultimate high-modulus pack fabric and the most durable fabric we have tested for its weight. 

    Our shoulder straps and hip belt wings are made out of 1/2" thick evazote foams. These are the most resilient and longest lasting foams that we can find. They will give you many years of use without flattening out. 

    Shoulder straps and hip belt wings are made out of a 420D Robic nylon for maximum tear resistance. 

    Tech specs for Ultra400: 400d Ultra PE blended with polyester 400d face, 0.5 mil RUV film backing 4.65 oz/yd2 158 gsm Warp: 114.5 lb Fill: 117.6 lb 200+ 13.8+ 7600 cycles

    • The woven fabric is 67% UHMWPE and 33% Repreve recycled polyester.
    • The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant.
    • Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.
    • ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings.
    • CO2 emissions from manufacturing this recycled polyester are 50% lower than Nylon, 38% lower than virgin film, comparable to organic cotton.


    • Load Carrying Capacity

      While the comfort rating on packs is a bit subjective, here is what we have found in our testing of our packs.

      The new 2021 Long Haul can comfortably carry up to about 50lbs provided you have the correct torso and hip belt size. The tall frame size is recommended for carrying up to 50lbs as it helps to take any stress off of your shoudlers and provides a very comfortable carry.

      • 50lbs is about the max recommend carrying capacity. 
      • 35-40lbs will be pretty comfortable for long days on the trail. 
      • 30lbs and under will feel like there is almost nothing in the pack at all. 


      Frame Size:

      We offer two frame sizes for each torso size on our Long Haul Packs. The tall frame will put the load lifters up closer by your ears and is better for heavier loads. The shorter frame size will bring the load lifters down closer to your shoudlers.

      Some people prefer shorter frames as you can pack the pack down smaller, and the frame is more out of the way. The tall frame however gives more adjustability and is much more comfortable, especially when carrying heavy loads above 40+lbs. With the tall frame these packs can easily handle upwards of 50lbs. 

      • Features

        Included Features:

        *The removable belt option is the same belt that comes on our Big Wild Packs. This belt is great for load hauling and if you want to have the capability to swap out belt sizes on your pack. It also makes the torso size adjustable by 4".  The removable belt adds approximately 1.5-2oz to the stated pack weights.

        • -Large front pocket made out of Ultra400
        • -Two side water bottle pockets each.
        • --Very supportive hip belt with great load transfer. Connected directly to the frame.
        • -V style hip belt tensioner.
        • -Ultra comfy, thickly padded S shaped shoulder straps.
        • -Load lifters.
        • -Internal frame featuring two removable aluminum stays.
        • -Removable foam back pad/sit pad.
        • -Removable sternum strap.
        • -Two side compression straps - Fully removable
        • -4 attachment points on each side panel for adding additional compression straps.
        • -Bottom strap attachment points. (straps sold separately)
        • -Roll-Top/Dry-bag style top closure with stiffener for easy rolling.
        • -Single top strap - fully removable.
        • -3 Top strap attachment points for customized top strap placement.
        • -Attachment points for roll top side compression. (Straps sold separately)
        • -Haul loop.
        • -Bear canister compatible.
        • -Waterproof material.

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